Cartridge error, Supply Error, Toner Error  - HP Color Laserjet M280  |  HP Color Laserjet M281
79 Error Continuous Reboot  Loop. 

Cartridge Error
Supply Error
Toner  Cartridge Error
79 Error (Continuous reboot)

Affected HP Models
HP Color Laserjet M280
HP Color Laserjet M281

After auto updating printer firmware.  The printer will boot to an error of either Cartridge Error, Supply Error, Toner Cartridge error. The printer will also display after a short period 79 Error and begin to automatically turn itself off and turn back on (continuous reboot).    

HP's Latest firmware update  (firmware date code 20201021)is causing the printer to not accept 3rd party (Non-OEM) toner cartridges.   If 3rd party or non-OEM toner cartridge(s) are installed, the printer will display one of the following error:  Supply error | Cartridge Error | Toner Cartridge Error.    Also, some end-user is reporting 79 Errors with a continuous loop.    
To resolve you need to downgrade the printer's firmware to the previous date code and disable auto-update within the printer.

Call our Support Group to schedule an onsite service appointment and one of our experienced technicians with perform the downgrade and disable auto-update. 


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