HP LaserJet 600 – M601 paper Jam

HP Laserhet 600 – M601 paper Jam

After printing a few pages of a file, the small screen on the printer shows 59.05.60 error. It also dictates To continue turn the printer off & then on again. But even after turning off & then on again the same text 59.05.60 error comes up with the same instruction To continue turn the printer off & then on again. At times also paper jamming occurs. Very frustrating; don’t know what to do.
I think this is a drum motor issue.  Sometimes the issue can be the toner cartridge.  To test remove the toner cartridge and turn the printer on.  Does it come to the error or does it ask for the toner cartridge.  If it comes to the error the drum motor needs to be replaced.  If it asks for the toner, put it in and see if the error appears.  If it does odds are the drum motor still has an issue but if you have another toner even one that is empty, put it in to see if the error is not there when you turn on the printer again.  You can also go to the diagnostics menu under the administration menu and then component test and test the motor with the toner cartridge removed.  If the test fails that will confirm that the motor needs replacing.  If the error just occurred with the recent replacement of the toner cartridge, odds are the toner cartridge is bad with the drum being seized preventing the motor from turning.

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