HP Laserjet CM1415fnw Error Code 59.C0

HP Laserjet CM1415 Error Code 59.C0

Would you be able to explain error code 59.c0 means?  The error came up after i installed a new toner cartridge.  i tried another new toner cartridge in case the cartridge or the chip was bad.  I only use OEM HP products.  The error code is not explained in the HP Website and the hp support page will not give an answer for this product.

The error refers to the developer motor rotational error, which is directed to the toner cartridge motor..  It’s possible you installed a toner carriage that is damaged or bound up.  Suggestion is to try either the old toner cartridge or another new cartridge to see if error goes away.  If the error persist after trying another cartridge then replace the toner motor. 

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