HP Laserjet Enterprise 600 M602 – Slow Printing when Switching Paper Trays

On the HP LaserJet Enterprise 600 M602, has anyone encountered pauses in print jobs when switching trays?  Example, we’re printing invoices and we have a rule setup that prints everything out of Tray 2 except for the last page which is perforated paper from Tray 3.  So, in a 5-page job, pages 1-4 are plain paper from Tray 2…then page 5 is perforated from Tray 3.  There is a 2 to 3 second delay when the last page is pulled from Tray 3.  If the invoice is only 2 pages, the print job appears super slow.

This printer was working great with no delays until we applied firmware 2302786_433718.  Now, the delay is very noticeable.  We’re not sure if this was intentional or not in the new firmware.

We’re using the latest PCL 5 Universal Print Driver.  The only thing that changed was the firmware.  We even tried a full firmware reset.  Problem is still there.

I’ve been working with HP support, but we’ve been told to wait until the next firmware release…which may or may not fix anything.

Any help or insight is appreciated.


We have been experiencing this same issue with our HP Laserjet 600 M602 printers.

Was able to resolve by setting the Print Mode for all paper types used to the same setting.  Originally we thought it may be a tray setting issue or firmware problem but in reality was the paper type settings. We setup printer for plain paper in tray 2 and bond in tray 3, by default plain was set to Light print mode and Bond to Bond print mode. Every time printer switched trays it pauses to configure the different paper type settings.  

Hope this helps others resolve their printing issues

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