HP Laserjet M600 Custom Media

We have custom paper (4.13”x8.5”)that prints ok from tray1

We bought the custom media tray (CB527A) given the specification sheet say it can print dimensions of 102 – 105mm to 170mm by 140mm to 282mm. 

I’m not able to print 4.13”x8.5” sheets paper from the Tray 2 custom tray.  The printer has problems when I set up the guides in the positions for the odd size (Portrait mode), no way different than tray 1.  The printer for some reason thinks the size is 6.69”x11.1”.

The custom media tray can take all kinds of ISO sizes as for common card sizes ranging from 3×5 to 5×8

The printer in not able to printer 4.25”x8.5” documents through the custom media tray (Tray 2).  The minimum custom size for Tray2 is 5.83”x8.27”.

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