HP Laserjet P3015 Printer “Open Rear Door and Push Down” – When i Push down it does NOTHING

An hewlett Pacakard’s Laserjet P3015 which is on our ethernet is periodically having a “Paper jam” error, that will be followed with a message, including a visible description on the display panel, to “Open Rear Door and push down”. Found on the Display Panel animation the door effectively opens up on to a 90 degree angle. In actuality, anytime anyone tries this “Pushing down” motion is on the rear door, basically nothing at all happens, and continues not to develop.Answer:
Would anybody understand how to make take place in actually what occurs in the computer animation? Currently the rear door will merely open up to a 45 degree angle no matter what.

The printer’s rear door is able to be opened up to 90 degree. It opens effortlessly 45 degrees and after that you’ll need to push it just a little bit more in order that it can open as far as 90 degrees.


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