HP Laserjet P4014, P4014, P4515 Printer Service
Get trustworthy, quick, and economical black-and-white printing for any Network Printing

Effective productivity
Together with printed page speeds of up to 62 prints per minute as well as a 540 MHz central processing unit, the HP LaserJet P4014, P4015, P4515 Printers Repair definitely will improve your Office Environment operate at maximum proficiency. Receive persistent success and optimal functionality with the HP Laserjet P4515 latest innovations in toner technology. Legendary Hewlett Packard (HP) consistency means trouble-free printing that stacks up to the expectations of ones workplace.

Easy to navigate
Operate your HP Laserjet P4014, P4015, P4515 printer minus instruction from IT People. HP Laserjet P4014, P4014, P4515 Printer installation and problem-solving are a breeze alongside Show-Me-How features on the panel display.

HP Laserjet P4014 Prints as high as 45 prints per minute on Letter size pages
HP Laserjet P4015 Prints as much as 52 pages per minute on letter size pages
HP Laserjet P4515 Prints up to 62 prints per minute on Letter size media

Supplies (Toner Cartridge) Part Numbers
HP 64A – (CC364A) Black LaserJet Toner Cartridge – 10,000 printed pages yield
HP 64X –  (CC364X) High Yield Black LaserJet Toner Cartridge – 24,000 printed sheets yield

Maintenance Kit
CB388A (110V) Kit Preventative Maintenance
CB389A (220V) Kit Preventative Maintenance
All preventive maintenance kits may be a non-HP part product, and it is expense will not paid for according to the warranty or the majority of long term warranty

hP Laserjet P4014, P4015, P4515 Error Code

13.01.00 Jam in Tray 1
The Manual Feed Tray 1 pickup roller, as well as a solenoid, might not be working effectively.

13.03.00 Jam in Tray 2
The media feed path might have an obstacle, or the Tray 2 solenoid would possibly not be functioning precisely

Paper has not moved past a particular media sensor. is often one of the next few locations.


Course of Action
1. Reinstall paper inside Tray X, and afterward use the paper path test to move media. Ensure that the roller rotates.
2. Check out the feed path and make sure no pages are obstructing the feed path.

50.Z FUSER ERROR For help press?
fuser defect has taken place. The value for Z is shown here.

50.1 – Low temperature fusing assembly
50.2 – Warm-up process fixing assembly
50.3 – High temp Fuser
50.4 – Fuser is defective
50.5 – Inconsistent fuser (verify fusing assembly model)
50.6 – fixing assembly Open
50.7 – Mechanism Pressure Release Failure
50.8 – Fuser Lower Temperature
50.9 – higher fuser temp

Course of Action
1. Power cycle the HP Laserjet P4015 to establish if your malfunction is consistent.
2. Determine that the accurate fuser product is being utilized in the product.
3. Confirm that the proper voltage fuser is present in the HP Laserjet P4014.
4. Verify that the fuser is tightly seated in the product chassis. 
5. Reseat the fusing assembly, and listen up for a snap within the end of the fusing assembly as soon as you install it into the HP Laserjet P4014.
6. Check the fusing assembly connections, at the front of the fusing assembly, and the connections on the HVPS (High Voltage Power Supply) PCA. Examine for bent pins or debris. Clean up or straighten the pins if required.
7. If the error code lingers, Contact Printer Repair Experts Customer Care to schedule an onsite HP Printer Service  (888) 276-4666.

51.YZ ERROR To Proceed – turn off then back on
A laser/scanner problem has happened.

Course of Action
1.Power cycle the product to determine if the error code continues.
2. If the error code continues, Contact Printer Repair Experts Customer Care to schedule an onsite HP Printer Service  (888) 276-4666.

An malfunction has happened when the HP Laserjet P4015 was attempting to lift the tray designated by ZZ.

Course of Action
1. Open the paper cassette tray, and then eliminate the paper.
2. Open the guides and look for any tattered pieces of pages or external objects inside of the paper cassette.
3. Replace the paper, and then shut the paper cassette tray.
4. Power off and Power on the HP Laserjet P4014, P4015, P4515.
5. Get rid of the majority of the pages from the cassette tray aside from a very few sheets of paper and place the paper cassette into the HP Laserjet P4014, P4015, P4515. Listen for the sound with the lift motor rotating the pages stack. Also, watch if the paper level indicator rotates from the front of the printer’s paper tray.
6. If the error code continues to display, Contact Printer Repair Experts Customer Care to schedule an onsite HP Printer Service  (888) 276-4666.

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