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Printer HP Color Laserjet CP4525 Stay 'Initializing"

Product Name: HP Color Laserjet CP4525

During Start up the printer shows on screen "initializing" But just Hangs there.  Any Suggestions?

Try the following:

(1) Re seat the device formatter assembly. 
(2) Cold Reset the printer
(a)  Depress the "HOME" button
(b)  Depress the down arrow button to highlight "CONFIGURE DEVICE" then select ok.
(c)   Depress the down arrow button to highlight "RESET" menu and press ok
(d)  Depress the down arrow button to highlight "RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS" and then press ok.

The printer will perform it's cod reset and restart printer

If the cold reset doesn't resolve hanging issue perform NVRAM Initialization.  Instructions below.

(3)  Printer NVRAM Initi.
(a)  Turn the printer off  and wait 20 seconds.  Power on the printer
(b)  When the printer begins to count memory upward, depress and hold the down arrow button until the 3 LED lights light up.
(c)  Depress the up arrow button
(d)  Depress the home button
(e)  Depress the up arrow to highlight "NVRAM INIT" and then press ok.

NVRAM will reset the devices serial number, page count, event log, calibration settings.  It's recommended to print printer configuration page to obtain this information before performing NVRAM INIT.

If the device continues to hang during startup.  Continue to next step.

(4) Call Printer Repair Experts Toll Free (888) 276-4666  to perform other troubleshooting step and to replace the formatter assembly.  

For further assistance please contact Printer Repair Experts Customer Care Reps at (888) 276-4666 or you can create a service appointment online at  


HP Color Laserjet CP4525 Not Printing Black

We have an HP CP4525 that is not printing black.  The pages printed from the configuration menu like the supply status page only show the color as printing and this is not focus.  We performed an engine test and this shows all colors working  except  for the black cartridge.  If we disable the cartridge check and move the black cartridge to another slot and the black will work and toner in black slot will not work.  Where should we begin?  By replacing parts or check for problems in the slot?

First check the High Voltage contacts in the black slot.  
Next  thing to look for on the toner access door there is a lever that pushes into the toner shutter.  Verify the lever is there  on the door and that the toner shutter toner tab is not detective.  This is located next to the K where the black toner slides in.  From time to time when people slam the door it either dislodges or breaks off.  

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Color Laserejt CP4525  57.07 Error

When starting printer the device will pass initialization and then before getting to ready will produce an error 57.07.   I'm able to navigate through the menus.  The device will not print anything.  I noticed the error is associated with the delivery fan.  I have replaced the fan with no success.    I have also replaced the printer formatter assembly and the printer will still produce error.  Any suggestions?

If after replacing the the delivery fan and the printer formatter.  The next part to replace is the DC Controller assembly.

For further assistance please contact Printer Repair Experts Customer Care Reps at (888) 276-4666 or you can create a service appointment online at


HP Color Laserejt CP4525 Error 49.2FA7

Our company have an HP Color Laserjet CP4525dn it starts it bootup and goes through it's self test, initialize the after it calibrates it gives us the following error:

49.2FA7 To Continue turn off then on 

We have turned off the printer and then turn back on numerous times produces the same error. 
We have unplugged and restarted the device gives us the same error.
Disconnected the network cable and we still get the same error.
Deleting the previous print jobs in print queue produces the same error. 
The printer will not allow me to cancel anything once the error message is displayed.
What would you suggest?

(1) I would first cold rest printer.  Restore Factory set Defaults.  

Restore factory-set defaults
a. The RESETS menu allows you to reset factory settings, and disable or enable sleep mode.
b. To display: Press the Home button , select the CONFIGURE DEVICE menu, and then select the RESETS menu.
c. Select RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS from the sub menu, and then press the OK button.

If the error persist continue to (2) 

(2) Perform NVRAM INIT.

NVRAM initialization

CAUTION: Initializing NVRAM resets the serial number, the event log, the page counts, the calibration
settings, and the EIO card. Use the SERVICE menu to restore the serial number and page counts. You
also need to reconfigure any computers that print to this product to recognize the product. Initialize
NVRAM only when absolutely necessary. In most situations, use a cold reset to reset product variables
but still retain the needed values in the SERVICE menu.

NOTE: Print a configuration page before initializing NVRAM.

From the configuration page and supplies status page, gather the following information:

● Total page count and color page count
● Serial number

a. Turn the product on and watch the control panel display.
b. When the display shows the memory count, press and hold the down arrow until all three lights on the control panel are lit.
c. Press the up arrow .
d. Press the Home button. The message SKIP DISK LOAD displays on the control panel.
e. Press the up arrow until NVRAM INIT is highlighted, and then press the OK button . The product initializes NVRAM and then continues its power-on sequence.

If the error continues to show up the continue to (3)

(3) Perform a firmware upgrade to the device. 

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