HP Color Laserjet M551  Error 49.38.07

Printer will display Error 49.038.07 at startup .  The device will not go to ready state. You may have tried turning printer off and then back on again with no success.  The printer will go to error state. 

We have seen in the field, and the printer is trying to print a corrumpt print file.  We suggest performing the follwoing:
(1)  Disconnect the network cable from the pritner and power off printer.            
(2)  Wait for 30 seconds then power up the device. with out the network cable conected to printer.  
(3)  Does printer go to ready state?  if printer goes to ready state.  Locate all printers that print direct to printer and clear out each computers print queue.  After clearing out all computer print queues, recoonect printer network cable. Send a print job to see if printer prints job again.  
 (4)  Upgrade printer engine firmware. 

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