60.02 error code for Laserjet Pro 500 color MFP  M570dw


I just connected my printer to my computer.  When i power up the printer an error code 60.02 Error displays on the printer.  I followed the directions to turn the device off and turn back on again.  I also made sure the printer is connected directly to the wall socket.  The error keeps showing back up.  I retried the fix several times with no resolution.  

60.02 Error is lift error in the paper tray.  

Perform the following:
(1)  Use the tray x paper surface sensor (PS4) test in the paper cassette tray manually make sure the sensor is functioning properly.  
(2)  Open and Tray X and  listen to the back of the device for sound the lift motor (M9) is functioning. 

(3)  Replace the Tray x paper cassette tray
(4)  Replace the Tray x lift motor r.

If you need further assistance contact:

(888) 276-4666 Toll Free