HP LaserJet Enterprise M604, M605, M606 - 50.22 errors


This specific page is target to the following HP Laserjet Printers:

HP LaserJet Enterprise M604
HP LaserJet Enterprise M605
HP LaserJet Enterprise M606

Once the 50.22.00 or a 50.22.11 message displays within control panel, it suggests an issue in regard to the fusing assembly warming up.


1: Reset power to to the device.
Turn the device off, then switch back on to clear the error.
Unhook the hp device from any power suppressor, and plug-in directly right into a wall connector. Verify the hp printer is hooked inside the accurate voltage plug that accommodates the HP LaserJet’s essential voltage. Ensure the hp printer possesses the most up to date firmware installed.

2: Confirm media type
Examine the paper type chosen matches the type used inside the printer. Consider the media specific (Windows). From the software program, select the Print method. Pick the printer, then press the Properties or Preferences option.  

Press the Paper/Quality tab.  Starting with the media type drop-down list, click the More... option.
Broaden the list of Type is: selection.
Stretch the section of paper types that appropriately details your media.

Pick your paper specifications (Mac OS X).

Choose the File menu, and next press the Print option.  In the Printer menu, pick the Hp Printer.  By OEM specifics, the print driver displays the Copies as well as Pages menu. Open the printer’s menu's drop-down checklist, thereafter click the Finishing menu.  

Select a type within the Media Type drop-down selection.

3: Making sure of the print mode option.
From the Home screen within the control interface, Press the Administration option.  touch General Settings.touch Print Quality. Press Adjust Paper Types.  Choose a paper type, following choose the mode to adjust. Push a value towards the mode, following press the Save button.

4: Fuser Reseat
Your current printer might look a little different than the HP LaserJet Enterprise 600 M601 printer shown.  Power off the printer.

Figure: Turn off to the printer.

1 50.22.xx errors turn off m600

Figure: Detach the electrical cord.

 2 50.22.xx errors Detach the electrical cord

Figure: open the back-output bin

3 50.22.xx errors remove the duplexer 

Pull the rear output bin. Position your finger near the left-side hinge and squeeze securely to the right until the hinge-pin away from the hole inside the printer. Spin the output bin outward to remove it.

Figure: Take out the rear output bin

4 50.22.zz errors Remove the rear output bin

Move up on the 2 blue levers along the sides with the fixing assembly and remove the fuser straight-out. Remove the fuser assembly away of the hp device to remove it. Paper could possibly be jammed within the fixing assembly where it might not be visible.

Figure: Remove the fuser

5 50.22.zz errors Remove the fuser

WARNING: The fuser assembly might-be hot while the HP LaserJet is operating.  Raise the black plastic guide on the top on the fusing assembly to pull out the any pages jammed inside the fuser.

WARNING: Don't utilize a Metal and Sharp object to remove media from your HP fuser. It might damage the fuser. 

Pushing the fixing assembly solidly into the hp printer till the blue levers on each side click into place.

Figure: Reseat the fusing assembly

6 50.22.zz errors Reseat the fuser

Reinstall the optional duplexer accessory, whether or not this was removed.

Figure: Reinstall Duplex accessory.

7 50.22.zz errors Replace the duplexer

Plug the power cord into the printer.

Figure: Plug in the power cord

8 50.22.zz errors Plug in the power cord

Turn on the printer.

Figure: Turn on the printer

1 50.22.xx errors turn off m600

5: Replace the fuser

In case the error message continues after doing the above strategies, swap the fusing assembly.

Use the table below to identify the recommended part no# on your printer, and then go to www.Printer-Repair-Experts.net to purchase the assembly.


Fusing Assembly Part Numbers

HP LaserJet Enterprise M604-M606 printers

F2G76A 110-volt printer

F2G77A 220-volt product

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