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HP Laserjet 4250 Firmware Update Fail Error

Last night  I was updating the printer firmware for one of our HP Laserjet 4250 with Web Jet Admin  (WJA).  The printer had a print job in the queue before the upgrade.  In the status section of WJA the upgrade showed the upgrade hung at 99% and the printer was displaying Performing Upgrade.  This morning we  power cycled the printer 

Installed on the printer is a 500 sheet stapler stacker that is now displaying an amber light and the HP 4250 is displaying an error message of “Corrupt Firmware in External Accessory and Resend Upgrade.”   I retried to upgrade (resend) the printers firmware with WJA and the WJA interface shows the printers firmware is already at it’s most current level.   When i resend the upgrade hangs once again at 99%.  

I once again recycled power to the d
evice and then i tried to upgrade the printer using the USB connection with the Easy Update Utility.  I got the sane results.  I disconnected the stacker and recycled power once again.  Now the printer is displaying a message of “Resend Upgrade”.  I tried to resend upgrade again with the USB, i’m still getting the “Resend Upgrade” error.  

I’m able to print the printers engine test pages.  I found an article that explains to “goto configuration device, system setup and RAM Disk “Set to off” and then try upgrading device once again.  I was wondering if i should reconnect the stacker before attempting to resend upgrade again.  

Thanks for any help you can provide. 

With the stacker not attached perform the following. 
1. Power off the device.

2. While powering on the device, when the memory starts to count up press and hold down the Stop Button.
3. When all three (3) light come on. Press the green check mark button, then press the menu button. 
4. Scroll down to Clear all RFU Errors and depress the green check mark button twice (2) 
5. Power off the device.   Wait 30 seconds and then power on the device.  The printer should now display ready.  
6. Perform upgrade with USB again with the stacker attached to the device.  

Associated models:
HP Laserjet 4200
HP Laserjet 4240
HP Laserjet 4250
HP Laserjet 4300
HP Laserjet 4350
HP Laserjet 4345MFP
HP Laserjet M4345 MFP

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