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HP Laserjet 4345MFP  Display EIO Error 80.0088

We have in our offices and HP Laserjet 4345MFP that is displaying EIO Error 80.0088.  I’ve tried  recycling power with no success.

The Error 80.0088 is a jetdirect card associated error.  The HP Laserjet 4345MFP Jetdirect cards are embed on the printers formatter assembly.  First try disabling the Jetdirecd card.
(1)  Power off the device
(2)  Power on the device.
(3)  When printer displays the memory count, depress the green button till all three  led’s light up.
(4) Depress the 9 button untill disable  jetidrect card is highlighted.
(5)  Press (6) button and the device will power off and power back up (recycle power).
(6) If the device goes to ready, then error was caused by the Jetdirect card.
(7) Power Off Device and  install jetdirect card in to one of the open IEO slots.
(8) Power on the device.  If printer goes to ready state then try sending a document to print on device.  If the error occurs then replace the formatter assembly.  

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