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“INITIALIZING SCANNER” and/or Amber LED is illuminated

Problem Symptoms:
?- The unit may boot-up to Ready and can print normally!
? -There may be a amber LED illuminated under the START key!
? -When you open the ADF lid the “Scanner Initializing, please wait” message will appear.

? When you hit the START key (Green Key) to make a copy, you will get a no response or a Scanner Initializing, please wait” message.

During a scan operation, data is read by the Optical Unit (either during an Automatic Document Feeder scan operation or from a Flatbed scan operation). This data if carried from the Optical Unit through a ribbon cable to the connector CN109 of the Scanner/Controller PCA. The data leaves the Scanner Controller PCA via connector CN101 and goes to upper connector on the Formatter Cage Assembly and is feed to the Copy Processor board. The Copy Processor Board in connected to the Formatter PCA via a Daughter Card. Any break along this communications path could result in an error!

The first steps in troubleshooting is to verify all connections are good!

1) Inside the Formatter Cage are two PCAs. The top PCA is the
Copy Processor PCA; the bottom PCA is Formatter PCA.
Connecting the two PCAs is a Daughter Card. Please ensure the
Daughter Card is securely seated on both the Formatter and Copy
Processor PCAs.

2) Please ensure the Formatter Cage is securely seated to the two connector on the Chassis of the mfp.

The photo to the left shows the two connectors on the chassis of the mfp. When you install the Formatter Cage onto the mfp the two connector on the Formatter match up with these connectors. The top connector shown in the photo connects into the Copy Processor Board inside the Formatter Cage. A ribbon cable from this top connector goes to the CN101 of the Scanner Controller PCA. The Scanner’s Optical Unit is connected by a ribbon cable to CN104 on the Scanner
Controller PCA.

3) Ensure the ribbon cables are securely connected to CN101 and CN109 of the Scanner Controller PCA

4) Ensure the ribbon cable on the Optical Unit is securely connected and not damage.
5) If problem still persists after all connections have been verified, replace the Optical Unit. We have experienced situations where excessive shock during shipment can mis-align the optical mirror within the Optical Unit.

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