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HP Laserjet M4345mfp / 4345MFP Paper Jam 13.0 Error Codes



Message in Printer Display

Media is jammed within the envelope feeder. Take out the stuck prints in the
envelope feeder. Follow the guidelines in the on-screen dialog box. See removing jam from the Optional Accessory envelope-feeder region.

■13.01 Paper Jam Error = paper didn't arrive at the prefeed sensor (PS102) within the required time period.
■ Paper Jam Error 13.02.00 = paper failed to come to the top-of-page sensor (PS103) under the defined time.

■ Paper Jam Error Code 13.12.07 = The staple cartridge
■13.12.08 Paper Jam Error Code = The output bin media present sensor (a printed page is stuck)
■ Paper Jam Error Code 13.12.09 = The output bin inlet sensor ((a printed page is caught))
■ 13.12.10 Paper Jam Error = The output bin inlet sensor ((paper couldn't reach the sensor at the right time)
■ 13.12.11 Paper Jam Error = paper is found inside the output bin after the HP Laserjet 4345 multifunction is powered on.
■ 13.31 Paper Jam Error = paper is jammed within the reversing assembly.

Suggested Remedies:
1 Clear out all obstructed prints.
2 Check that the connected adapter J50 within the dc controller PCA is solidly installed.
3 Check that the two connection adapter that are located in the rear end belonging to the reversing assembly are installed.
4 Work with the component diagnostic test to test 3 motors: output motor, switchback motor, intermediate switchback motor.
5 Working with the component diagnostic test to test a couple of solenoids: alienation solenoid (SL106) and face-up/face-down solenoid (SL105).
6 Working with the manual sensor test to test a pair of sensors: reversing-paper sensor PS110 (sensor “H”) and paper-delivery sensor PS109 (sensor “K”).
7 should any of these components fail. Remove and replace the reversing assembly.

Message in Printer Display:
Paper Jam Error 13.03.00 JAM IN TRAY 1

The Tray 1 (Manual feed) pickup solenoid might be faulty.

Suggested Remedies:
Eliminate the jammed media from tray 1 .

Follow along with the guidelines in the control panel dialog box.

If error message continues, Proceed to the DIAGNOSTICS menu and touch COMPONENT TEST. Execute the analysis for MP TRAY SOLENOID. Should the solenoid is malfunctioning, swap solenoid .

Message in Printer Display:

Media is stuck within designated tray.

■ 13.01.00 Paper Jam Error = prints didn't pass the pre-feed sensor (PS102) inside of allocated time period.
■ 13.02.00 Paper Jam Error = a printed page didn't reach at the top-of-page sensor (PS103) within the allocated time frame.

Suggested Remedies:
Follow along with the guidelines in the control panel dialog box.


hp laserjet 4345mfp paper jam 13.0

Message in Printer Display:
13. JAM INSIDE DUPLEXER Remove duplexer from lower left area

13.13.00 Paper Jam Error = pages jammed in the the duplexer

Suggested Remedies:
Adhere to the instructions in the display panel dialog box.
If your message carries on, exchange duplexing unit.

Message in Printer Display:
13. JAM INSIDE LEFT OUTPUT AREA Remove output bin and duplexer

Page has jammed inside of output section. For you to eliminate the jamming, take out the the output bin or the duplex unit.

Suggested Remedies:
Remove the jam. If the error message continues, access the DIAGNOSTICS menu and start the component test with regard to the duplex motor. In the event the motor is faulty, replace the duplexer unit.

Message in Printer Display:
13. JAM INSIDE RIGHT ACCESS DOOR Open all right access doors ABOVE tray X

Paper is lodged under the jam-access door for the tray which is advised.

Suggested Remedies:
Clear the paper jam.

Message in Printer Display

Prints is crammed inside the top cover vicinity.
■ Paper Jam Error 13.02.00 / 13.02.00 Paper Jam Error = page is stopped under the top-of-page sensor (PS103).
■ 13.25.20 Paper Jam Error / Paper Jam Error 13.05.00 = page failed to come to the fuser-delivery sensor (PS108) in the the certain time.
■ Paper Jam Error 13.09 / 13.09 Paper Jam Error = Prints is crammed under reversing paper sensor (PS110).
■ 13.20.00 Paper Jam Error / Paper Jam Error 13.20.00 = The pre-feed sensor (PS102), the fuser-delivery sensor (PS108), or the top-of-page sensor (PS103) sensed prints inside the HP Laserjet 4345MFP anytime it is turned on.
■ Paper Jam Error 13.21.00 / 13.20.00 Paper Jam Error = The top cover were opened when processing print job, or / and the top-cover switch (SW101) has failed.
■ 13.31.00 Paper Jam Error / Paper Jam Error 13.31.00 = media didn't hit the reversing paper sensor (PS110) within the specified time.
■ Paper Jam Error 13.33.00 / 13.33.00 Paper Jam Error = media could not hit the paper-delivery sensor (PS109) within the allocated time.

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