HP LASERJET 5200 10.10.00 ERROR

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HP LASERJET 5200 10.10.00 ERROR

HP Laserjet 5200 10.10.00 Error

The printer will display an error 10.10.00 in the control panel.  The printer will stop and the error is not clearable.  End user will attempted to recycle power with no success.

The printer will attempt read / write on to  the e-label Memory chip for toner levels.  When the chip is unreadable / missing the printer will produce the 10. error.  
    1. Open toner cartridge front door. 

    2. Take out toner cartridge and reinstall cartridge.  

    3. Close toner cartridge / front door. 

    4. Recycle power on the device

    5. Install a new/ different toner cartridge. 

    6. Replace the e-label (memory chip) reader. 

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