Problem Description:
Paper jam is located in the paper path.  Media is present in the printer when the printer is powered on or media is discovered after opening and closing of front door.  (PS2) Registration Sensor detects media.  Fussing Unit Jam sernsor.  


(1) Remove paper in the areas indicated
(2) Close front door in order for the printer to attempt to clear paper path.
(3) Remove duplex assembly and verify no paper is in the path. 
(4) Perform paper path test  
(5) Verify High Voltage Power Supply leaf springs are seated in correct position. (see diagram below)


 Incorrect Postilion  Correct Position
incorrect leaf Spring Position Correct Leaf Spring Position

(6) Verify Duplex Residual paper sensor is moving correctly. 
(7) If the paper jam error continues to display, Replace the Fuser Assembly.


Associated Printer Models
 HP Laserjet 9000   HP Laserjet 9040  HP Laserjet 9050
 HP Laserjet 9000MFP  HP Laserjet 9040MFP  HP Laserjet 9050 MFP