66.11.01 Input Device Failure Error Message

66.11.01 Input Dvice Failure Error Message displays in control panel after original setup of device devices equipped with 2000 Sheet input tray.   The erorr message can also show after adding a 2000 sheet input paper tray.  

At the time of installation of the tray 4, the Paper Path Connection Unit (PPCU) need to be installed inside the right door of the device.  If this is not installed an error 66.11.01 will display on the printe control panel at startup and the PPCU needs to be installed to solve the error state.  

Note:  There has been a change made in firmware version 2.6a and newer the panel display has been revised to instead of displaying the 66.11.01 Input Failure , the device will now show during startup a graphic informaing enduser that the PPCU will need to be installed in order to resolve the error state. 

Install the Paper Path Connection Unit

Instructions for installation of the PPCU.

Shpped with the Tray 4 is the PPCU in its own separate box.  Figure 1. displays the PPCU unpacked and ready for installtion.

Figure 1. PPCU
2.  After opeing the right door, install the PPCU into the visible slot.   On top of the PPCU are two small levers that need to be pushed towards the middle of the PPCU st that the PPCU will drop poperly  into the slot.   In order to remvoe the PPCU you will also need to move the two small levers  See Figure 2 for the location of where the PPCU is installed.

Figure 2  PPCU Location
(1) The device without the PPCU installed
(2) The PPC installed correctly. 

3.  If the device is equipped with a 3000 Sheet statcker or a 3000 sheet stapler stacker  the device may initially power up in an error state (LED Amer on the stackers or stapler stacker if the PPCU is not first installed. 
    a. If the printer starts up in the amber error state, power off the printer and install the PPCU  and verifying that all cables are installed correctly.        the stacker should power up in a ready state (Green LED).

4.  Recycle power and the printer should return to ready state. 

Associated printers:

HP Laserjet 9000
HP Laserejt 9040
HP Laserjet 9050
HP Laserejt 9000MFP
HP Laserejt 9040MFP
HP Laserjet 9050MFP
HP Color Laserjet 9500
HP Color Laserjet 9500MFP 

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