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HP LaserJet 9000, 9040, 9050 Error Message 13.12.00

HP LaserJet 9000, 9040mfp, and 9050mfp Series Printers – Troubleshooting the Error Message 13.12.00 ‘Jam Inside Duplexer Door’ or ‘Jam Inside Front Door’


The printer is reporting a 13.12.00 numerical message followed with a JAM INSIDE LEFT DOOR or JAM INSIDE FRONT DOOR message.

NOTE: This error message has been associated with the misalignment of the Tray 4 paper guides. The misalignment of the paper guides usually occurs when the tray has been forcefully shut. Because the guides get misaligned, the paper going through the paper path may be slightly misaligned or skewed. The duplexer contains guides that adjust to the size of the paper. A duplexer paper jam can occur because the paper is not entering the duplexer properly aligned to the paper path. This can cause a paper jam in the duplexer.

CAUTION: Do not close Tray 4 with force or by FOOT, This may cause the tray guides to misalign which will cause various jams.

Always close Tray 4 gently with Hands. 

Checking the duplexer area for stuck paper

Open the left door and carefully pull out any paper from area (see Figure 1). If an optional output device is installed, first move it away from the printer to access the left door.

Figure 1: Opening the left door

WARNING: Avoid touching the adjacent fusing area. It can be HOT.

Remove the duplexer by pressing the green lever and pulling the unit out until it stops (see Figure 2).

Figure 2: Removing the duplex printing accessory

Remove any paper by lifting the two green levers in the duplexer.

Open the front door (see Figure 3).

Figure 3: Opening the front door

Check for paper in the duplex printing accessory area, and remove any paper by pulling it out of the printer. Be careful not to tear the paper (see Figure 4).

Figure 4: Checking for paper in the duplexer area

Reinstall the duplexer by sliding it back into the slot until it locks into place (see Figure 5).

Figure 5: Reinstalling the duplex printing accessory

Close all open doors. If an optional output device is installed, push it back into place.

Checking the rest of the printer for any stuck paper

Remove Trays 2 and 3 from the printer.

Look in the tray cavity for any stuck paper, remove any if found.

Reinstall the paper trays.

Now open the right door (see Figure 6).

Figure 6: Opening the right door

Check for paper in the right door area, and remove any paper from this area. Carefully check to be sure that all pieces of torn paper have been removed.

Open the jam access cover. Pull out and lift the green tab (see Figure 7).

Figure 7: Lifting the green tab in the jam access area

Remove any paper from this area by pulling it out of the printer.

Push the green lever down to original position (see Figure 8).

Figure 8: Pushing the green lever down

Close the right door.

Open Tray 4 (if equipped) and reseat the front paper guides for the size paper in the tray. Then, check the other paper guides and verify they are also correctly set for the size paper in the tray. If the tray is full of paper remove approximately half the paper for testing purposes. The reason for this is if the tray is being forcefully shut with a full or almost full load of paper the weight of the paper in the tray may cause the paper guides to shift.

Shut Tray 4 gently and let the printer come to a READY status

Paper path test

Perform a paper path test from each tray to determine if the issue is specific to Tray 4. If the problem occurs only from Tray 4, remove the paper from the tray and move the front to back tray guides several times. Reset the guides making sure they are in the correct position at the front of the tray (for example, ensure that the guide is pointing to LETTER for letter size paper). Gently shut Tray 4 and run the paper path test again to verify if the issue is only from Tray 4.

If the paper jamming is not specific to Tray 4, remove the duplexer from the printer and run paper path tests from each tray again.

Install duplexer and perform the paper path test with the duplexer set to “OFF” in the control panel selection. This selection is located under Configure Device, then Printing.

Run the test with the duplexer installed and enabled in the control panel selection.

Performing a paper path test

Press the SELECT key

Use the UP or DOWN ARROW keys to scroll to Configure Device, and press the SELECT key.

Use the UP or DOWN ARROW keys to scroll to Diagnostics, and press the SELECT key.

Use the UP or DOWN ARROW keys to scroll to Set Paper Path Test, and press the SELECT key.

Use the UP or DOWN ARROW keys to select the input tray to test, the output bin, the duplex printing accessory (if available), and the number of copies.

Press the SELECT key after setting the value for each. The paper path test automatically starts.

Contact Printer Repair Experts?

If the issue is unresolved, Printer Repair Experts and provide them with the following information:

Document number BPL11817 used for troubleshooting and a brief problem description to assist HP support in resolving the issue.

Does the printer still display a 13.12 error message when printing?

Is there a specific tray that the issue always occurs from? If so, which one?

Does the printer jam with a 13.12 error message when the Duplexer is installed?

Is there now an error message other than 13.12 being displayed on the printer control panel? If so, what is it.

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