HP Laserjet  M630 Printer  50.2F Fuser Error  To continue Turn off then on

The Fusing Assembly has experienced an Error State.

Low fuser temperature 1 or fuser warm-up failure

Suggested Course of Action

  1. Reinstall the fuser. Check the connector (J128) between the fusing Assembly and the printer.

          Note: If fusing Assembly is damaged, replace the fuser.

  1. Reconnect the connectors (J53, J54 and J82) on the DC controller PCA.
  2. Reconnect the connector (J62) on the (LVPS) low-voltage power supply.
  3. Replace Fusing Assembly
  4. Reconnect the connector (J62) on the (LVPS) low-voltage power supply PCA.
  5. If the error continues, replace the (LVPS) low-voltage power supply.

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