HP Laserjet M600 M601 M602 M603 M604 13B9 Fuser Paper Jam

Disconnect the power cord.

The fuser is very hot. To avoid minor burns, allow the fuser to cool before removing it from the product.

3: Location of the power cord

Open the rear output bin.

4: Open the rear output bin

Remove the rear output bin. Place your finger near the left-side hinge, and push firmly to the right until the hinge-pin clears the hole inside the product. Rotate the output bin outward to remove it.

5: Remove the rear output bin

If paper is visible, remove it.

If paper is not visible, push up on the two blue levers on the sides of the fuser, and pull the fuser straight out.

6: Remove the fuser

Remove the jammed paper. If necessary, lift the black plastic guide that is located on the top of the fuser to gain access to the jammed sheet.

Do not use a sharp or metal object to clear paper from the fuser area. You might damage the fuser.

7: Remove jammed paper

Push the fuser firmly into the product until the blue levers on both sides click into place.

8: Reinstall the fuser

Reinstall the rear output bin. Insert the right hinge-pin into the hole inside the product. Push inward on the left hinge, and slide it into the hole inside the product. Close the rear output bin.

9: Reinstall the rear output bin

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Plug the power cord into the product.

10: Power connection

Replace the optional duplexer, if it was removed.

11: Reinstall the duplexer

Turn the product on.

12: Power button

If a jam message persists, a sheet is still jammed in the product. Look for the jam in another location.