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HP LaserJet P4014, P4015, P4515 Part Number

Part Number Description
RM1-5060 Control panel, P4014
RM1-5059 Control panel, P4015/P4515
RK2-1988 Cooling fan (FN101
RK2-1992 Cooling fan (FN102)
RK2-1989 Cooling fan (FN103) 
RK2-1991 Cooling fan (FN301)
RC2-2510 Cover, Duplexing,  P4015/P4515
RC2-5760 Cover, Duplexing, P4014
RL1-1667 Cover, Envelope
RC2-5759 Cover, Envelope Connector, P4014
RC2-2476 Cover, Envelope Connector, P4015/P4515
RC2-5757 Cover, Formatter, P4014
RC2-2468 Cover, Formatter, P4015/P4515
RM1-4534 Cover, Front
RM1-5450 Cover, Left, P4014
RM1-4551 Cover, Left, P4014/P4515 
RC2-5761 Cover, Legal Tray, P4014
RC2-5239 Cover, Legal Tray, P4015/4515
RC2-2459 Cover, Option
RC2-5758 Cover, Right Front, P4014
RC2-2475 Cover, Right Front, P4015/P4515 
RC2-5768 Cover, Right Rear, P4014
RC2-2478 Cover, Right Rear, P4015/P4515
RM1-5449 Cover, Right, P4014
RM1-4550 Cover, Right, P4015/P4515
RM1-5250 Cover, Top, P4014
RM1-4552 Cover, Top, P4015/P4515
RM1-4582 DC controller
RM1-4529 Delivery asm
RM1-4526 Delivery drive asm
RC2-2484 Drum Drive Asm
RL1-1659 Drum drive DC motor (M102) 
CB519-67901 Duplexer
RM1-5448 Face-up drop-down output tray, P4014
RM1-4531 Face-up drop-down output tray, P4015, P4515
RM1-4548 Feed Guide Assembly
RM1-4527 Feed roller asm
RL1-1663 Feed Roller, Tray 1
RM1-4562 Feed shaft (Z) asm
RM1-0037 Feed/Separation Roller, Tray 2
CB438-69001 Formatter, network
CB437-69001 Formatter, non-network
RM1-5051 Fuser motor
RM1-5451 Fuser right guide asm
RM1-4554 Fusing Assembly, 110V
RM1-4579 Fusing Assembly, 220V
RU5-0045 Gear, 18-tooth
RM1-4576 Guide Asm, Right Front, Tray 2
RM1-5465 Laser/Scanner asm
RM1-4585 Lifter drive asm
RL1-1657 Main drive motor (M101) 
CB388A Maintenance Kit
RM1-4539 Memory tag holder assembly
RM1-4525 Paper size sensor/detect asm
RK2-0270 Pick-up solenoid, Tray 2
RM1-4563 Pickup asm, Tray 1
RM1-8425 Pickup Asm, Tray 1
RM1-4532 Pickup drive asm
RM1-0036 Pickup Roller
RL1-1641 Pickup Roller, Tray 1
RM1-4549 Power supply
RM1-5460 Registration asm
RL1-1658 Retard drive shaft
RC1-0165 Roller Access Panel
CB506-67905 Roller Kit, Tray 1 - Contains a pickup roller, a feed roller, and a separation roller
CB506-67904 Roller Kit, Trays 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 - Contains a pickup roller, a feed roller, and a separation roller
RL1-1654 Separation roller, Tray 1
CB518A Sheet Feeder, Optional 500-sheet.
RC1-0213 Spring
CC364A Toner Cartridge - Prints approximately 10,000 pages per cartridge
CC364X Toner Cartridge - Prints approximately 24,000 pages per cartridge
RC2-5771 Torque limiter, 500-sheet cassette



Transfer roller
RM1-4559 Tray 2, 500-sheet Cassette
RM1-1089 Tray, Rear Insert 500-sheet 


Associated printer models:

LaserJet P4014 (CB506A)
Laserjet P4014n (CB507A)
Laserjet P4014dn (CB512A)
Laserjet P4015n (CB509A)
Laserjet P4015dn (CB526A
Laserjet P4015tn (CB510A
Laserjet P4015x (CB511A)
Laserjet P4515n (CB514A)
Laserjet P4515tn (CB515A)
Laserjet P4515x (CB516A
Laserjet P4515xm (CB517A).


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