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HP Laserjet  P4010, P014, P4015 Product resets

Restore HP -set defaults
Restoring the Device to the manufacturer-set defaults executes a simple reset and restores most of the manufacturer (default) settings. This item also clears the input buffer for the active I/O.
1. Depress Menu .
2. Depress the downward arrow to identify CONFIGURE DEVICE, and then press OK.
3. Depress the downward arrow to identify RESETS, and then press OK.
4. Depress the downward arrow to identify RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS, and then depress OK.

Hard disk initialization
A hard disk initialization will delete and reformat the printer hard disk. Execute hard disk initialization only if if an error code shows on the control panel showing a disk error. Constantly try initializing your hard disk prior to exchanging it.
1. Power On the printer .
2. As the printer executes its power-up sequence, depress and hold the Menu button until all 3
lights on the display panel are illuminated.
3. Depress the backwards arrow . The information INITIALIZE DISC shows on the display panel.
4. Depress OK. The device initializes the hard disk and continues the power-up sequence.

NVRAM initialization
WARNING: Initializing N.V.R.A.M erase  the,page meters, the event logs, the serial numbers information  and the calibration values, along with the EIO (Enhanced Input/Output)  card. Utilize the SERVICE menu in order to reinstall the serial number values and page meters. You also  may need to reinstall any personal computers that print to this printer to acknowledge the device. Initialize N.V.R.A.M just when positively necessary. In the majority circumstances, use a cold reset to reset printer variables but still maintain the required information in the SERVICE menu.

Prior to initializing N.V.R.A.M print a configuration page as well as a supplies status pages to collect the preceding important information:
● Total page meters
● Serial number
1 Power on the printer and and view the control display.
2. Once the screen starts counting up  the memory counter, depress and hold the down arrow until all 3 lights on the control display are illuminated.
3. Depress the upward arrow .
4. Depress Menu . The information SKIP DISK LOAD shows on the control display
5. Depress the upward arrow upwards up until NVRAM INIT is shown, and then press OK. The device initializes N.V.R.A.M and after that proceeds with its power-up routine.


Cold reset

The cold reset un-locks menus that were formerly locked and restores each of the control panel menu items (such as EIO settings) to the HP manufacturer defaults. Cold Resets will not erase the data in the SERVICE menu (same as the printer meter counts and serial id number).

NOTICE: prior to  performing a cold reset, print Configuration page and menu map.  Use the content on the configuration page to reset any end-user-set configuration  that the cold reset process modifies.

Performing a cold reset

1. Power off the printer.  

2. For HP P40xx/45xx line of  printers: Power up the device, and then press-down OK when the memory counter starts.

3. Keep pressing down OK until all 3 control-panel LED flash once and then stay on. This may take as high as 10 seconds.

4. Following the SELECT LANGUAGE message shows up on the display, depress (upwards Arrow key) or (downward Arrow key) up till COLD RESET is shown.

5. Depress OK. The printer executes a cold reset and then proceeds its power-up sequence.

6. verify all I/O settings and reset any end-user-set configuration information.


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Hours of Operations
Hours Of Operations | Monday - Friday 9:00AM- 5:00PM | Saturday & Sunday Closed

Telephone (888) 276-4666