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49.38.07 ERROR HP LaserJet Enterprise M4555 MFP Printer

The device  will display on the control panel an error 49.38.07.  This error message indicates the firmware may be corrupted.  The error may display for various reasons.  The most common explanation for the error is the printer attempting to perform an action the firmware is unable to and may not be designed to perform.  The following are some examples of printer not being able to perform specific actions.

    • ​​Printing files that contain unsupported programming commands rare combination of end user environment and end user interaction with the device. Third party solutions that were not designed to work with the device.   Network traffic timing or multiple jobs being processed.    

Each of these communications can cause the printer firmware to trigger an action that the printer cannot fulfill. 


    1.  Turn printer off and then on again. 
         Recycle the printers power to clear the error. 
    2.  Update the printers engine firmware. 
         Current Firmware needs to be downloaded the HP website using a USB flash Drive and the Pre-boot menu. 
    3.  Contact Printer-Repair-Experts (888) 276-4666.
         If the error issue continues, contact Printer-Repair-Experts to perform more detailed troubleshooting steps. 


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