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HP Laserjet M608 Printer cartridges possess large track record of being reputable. With the help of a wide variety of fresh technologies inside print technology, the HP Laserjet M609 Printer are a practical preference. As the longer-duration favorite for office and personal users alike, the HP Laserjet M609 Printer will continue to grow in recognition.

Another appeal of replacing to the HP Laserjet M607 Printer is that clients will receive higher durability. This is due basically to the improved durability of the HP parts included to build the HP Laserjet M608 Printer. each of these together make for a more dependable HP Laserjet M608 Printing device.

10.00.00 e-label Memory Error
The hp laserjet printer is not able to recognize the toner information. The toner cartridge is present but broken. When ever this error appears, a ? shows up on supplies due to the malfunction.

10.00.10 e-label Missing Memory Error
The device is unable to see the e-label. This service error suggests that the hp device has determined that the e-label is missing. When ever this error shows, a ? shows up on toner cartridge together with the issue.


2. If the error message occurs, power down and power up
3. If the service error remains, switch out the toner cartridge.
4. If the message persists, please contact Printer Repair Experts Customer Care (888) 276-4666.

10.00.30 Used Supply In Use
A used cartridge is in use

10.23.15 Install Fuser kit
The fuser is not installed right.

10.23.60 Fuser Kit low
The device means anytime a toner level is low

10.23.70 Replace Fuser Kit

Advised Direction
No activity necessary

Undetermined door ajar.

Advised Direction
1. Check that any of the doors and covers are closed.
2. If the issue continues to display, please contact Printer Repair Experts Customer Care (888) 276-4666

13.00.FF Residual jam.

13.A1.A1 Paper stay jam from tray
1. Paper couldn’t pass the Tray 1 feed sensor (PS4750) within specified amount of time while printing by Tray 1.

13.A1.D1 Paper delay jam from tray 1.
Paper did not leave the Tray 1 feed sensor (PS4750) in the designated amount of time while printing from Tray 1.

13.A3.FF Residual paper jam in Tray X.
This paper jam happens while residual paper is identified within tray X feed sensor.

13.A4.Dz Paper delay jam in Tray 4.
The 550 page feeders may be stacked for 3 extra trays. Each trays contain the exact same sensors and connectors.

Pages failed to exit Tray 4 feed sensor in the designated period when printing via Tray 4.

Pages did not leave Tray 4 feed sensor within specified amount of time when printing through Tray 5.

13.AA.EE Front Door Open
The front door is ajar when printing.

13.AB.EE Rear Door Open
The rear door was not closed whilst printing.
Close the rear door to permit the hp laser printer
to try to clear the paper jam.

13.B2.Az Jam in rear door
Media stay jam around the rear door around the image area. Pages exist at registration sensor (PS4550) after a defined time limit has been surpassed.

13.B2.A1 This paper jam shows after the registration sensor (PS4550) notice Paper exhibit longer than the required time period depending on the Paper size any time printing through Tray 1.

13.B2.A2 This kind of paper jam takes place the moment the registration sensor (PS4550) identifies Paper present much longer than the anticipated time period based upon size whenever printing via Tray 2.

13.B2.A3 This kind of media jam appears the moment the registration sensor (PS4550) discover Paper present more than the required time based upon size when printing via Tray 3.
13.B2.AD This particular media jam appears in the event the registration sensor (PS4550) detects Media present longer expected time period based upon size while printing by the duplexer.

13.B2.D1 paper jam in rear door Paper delay jam at the back door at the image area.
Media passed Tray 1 feed sensor PS4750 although couldn’t arrive at registration sensor (PS4550) in specified time during printing via Tray 1.
Paper delay jam around the image area. Media couldn’t get to the registration senor (PS4550) in allocated time when printing from Tray 2.

13.E1.D3 Fuser Area Jam Output delivery delay jam.
Paper didn’t arrive at the output bin full sensor in time.

13.FF.FF A power up residual media jam has took place. This error has no precise sensor designated. It could be any sensor around the paper feed path.

1. Follow the instructions around the control panel to remedy the jam. Examine for Media in all promising jam areas.
2. Ensure that any doors are open.
3. Open the rear door and close backside door to permit the hp device to attempt to clear the jam message
4. Examine the paper tray to make sure Media is loaded appropriately. The paper guides needs to be adjusted to the ideal size, and the tray should not be filled up above maximum fill marks or tabs.
5. Make sure that the Paper satisfies standards for this hp device.
6. Use a damp, lint-free cloth to clean the rollers in the appropriate tray. Replace rollers that are worn.
7. If your problem persists, please contact Printer Repair Experts Customer Care (888) 276-4666.

50.1x.yz Low fuser temperature failure
x = fuser mode, y = previous printer sleep state, and z = next printer sleep state.

50.2X.YZ Fuser warm-up error


50.3X.YZ High fuser temperature

50.4X.YZ Drive circuit fault

50.6X.YZ Open fuser circuit (heating element failure)

50.7F.00 Fuser pressure-release mechanism failure

50.9X.YZ High fuser temperature 2

50.AX.YZ Low fuser temperature 3

50.BX.YZ High fuser temperature 3

Recommended Action
1. Switch off the printer .
2. Take out and reinstall the fuser.
WARNING: The fusing assembly can be very hot.
a. Open the rear door.
b. Grab the blue handles on both sides of the fuser and pull directly out to take it out.
c. Reinstall a new fusing assembly, or reseat the fuser
d. Shut the front door.
3. If the malfunction continues, please contact Printer Repair Experts Customer Care (888) 276-4666

51.00.10 Beam detect error

51.00.19 Laser malfunction

52.00.00 laser/scanner startup error.

52.00.20 laser/scanner rotation error.

55.00.01 DC controller memory error.

55.00.03 DC controller no engine response.

55.00.04 DC controller communications time out

55.00.05 Engine Firmware RFU Error
The firmware upgrade failed
55.01.06, DC controller error To continue turn off then on

55.02.06 DC controller error To continue turn off then on

56.00.YZ The printer experienced a communication error with the optional paper trays.

57.00.01 Fan failure Cartridge upper (FM3) failure

57.00.02 Fan failure Cartridge lower fan (FM4) error.

57.00.03 Fan failure Duplex fan FM2 failure.

57.00.04 Fan failure Scanner fan FM1 failure.

58.00.02 Error Environmental sensor failure

58.00.03 Error DC controller failure.

58.00.04 Error Low-voltage power supply unit malfunction.

58.01.04 Error 24V power supply error during operation.

59.00.00 Motor error Tray lift motor M3 failure.

Recommended Action
1. Turn the printer off, and then power on.
2. Reinstall the firmware.
3. If the errors continues on, contact Printer Repair Experts Customer Care (888) 276-4666

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